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Perfect man description

I dream to find a caring, nice, kind, loving, positive, friendly man.

Value in a man

Positive atttude towards life, openness, kindness, generosity, intelligence

Relationship with parents

I respect my parents and learn from them

True love means to me

joy, mutual understanding, respect of private spheres of each other, common views on life

Infidelity how I describe


Goals in life

Happy family, personal growth

How I describe satisfaction in life

I am happy when people I love are healthy and happy.

How I describe moral principles

Kindness, understanding, and care

How I describe the importance of friends

I like my friends

How I describe what trust to me is

Very important

How I describe myself

I am positive, kind, energetic, communicative, honest.


I enjoy going to the cinema and theater. I like to go to the fitness club. I am interested in yoga. I love nature. I enjoy to be on the seaside. I like mountains.


Fitness, yoga