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Perfect man description

My ideal man is caring and kind. It is also good if he shares my passion to traveling. I dream of being with a man who has good sense of humor. I do not have any preferences concerning the country of origin of my future partner. The most important thing is for us to have a comfortable and warm relation. However, I would be happy to live in a cliff villa with an eye to a great man :)

Value in a man

Generosity, matureness, care, kindness, interest for traveling, good sense of humor, sincerity, positivity

Relationship with parents

I respect my parents and learn from them

True love means to me

Mutual support, care, interest, and happiness

Infidelity how I describe

Loss of respect

Goals in life

Romantic relationship, traveling to new places, personal growth, joy everyday!

How I describe satisfaction in life

The best thing is to love and to be loved

How I describe moral principles

A willingness to understand others without judging them

How I describe the importance of friends

I love my friends a lot!

How I describe what trust to me is

The essence of great relationships

How I describe myself

I am very passionate about music. It is my hobby. I adore playing the piano. I enjoy both classical music and contemporary compositions. The real pleasure I get from doing yoga. It helps me to listen to my body and receive happy emotions. I learn about myself through the yoga practice. Besides that, I like active leisure. My friends and I usually go roller skating or riding a bike. Currently, I am also learning to play court tennis


My friends say that I am a very positive and creative person. I become really inspired by going on journeys! I so much enjoy delving into new cultures, cuisines, and traditions.


yoga, roller skating, bike riding, court tennis