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Application Form for professionals only

Perfect man description

I am looking for a positive, active, caring, kind, nice, wise, loving, sober minded man.

Value in a man

Optimism, healthy lifestyle, care, kindness, matureness, reliability

Relationship with parents

I love my parents

True love means to me

When you can rely on your partner in everything and always

Infidelity how I describe

The end of the relations

Goals in life

Personal growth, traveling, loving relations

How I describe satisfaction in life

You cannot fall asleep at night because the reality is finally better than your dreams :)

How I describe moral principles

A positive life approach, love, honesty

How I describe the importance of friends

I have many friends and I love spending time with them!

How I describe what trust to me is

There is no love without trust becayse trust means confidence and comfort

How I describe myself

I am cheerful, positive, active, loving, caring, open, goal-oriented, honest, sexy:) I love children very much and I do not mind to have one more child with my future husband.


I am interested in reading, I enjoy meeting with friends. I like going to the cinema. I attend different seminars.