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Application Form for professionals only

Perfect man description

Kind, calm, intelligent. I appreciate the ability to take care of someone, make decisions and take responsibility for them. Also it’s very important for the man to love his business - his occupation should make a feeling of satisfaction to him. In this case he will be successful in other spheres of his life and will be able to be a support for a woman. I am trying to find somebody who will share feelings, thoughts and the whole life with me. I am waiting kind, calm, intelligent and honest man. I appreciate the ability to take care of someone, make decisions and take responsibility for them. I think the main thing in the world is family and love. Mutual respect and honesty are also very important. An ideal relationship is when people are a match, they have common interests, they don't get bored together.Good sense of humor also helps to make life easier. And very important to care about each other, to be reliable partners. Thinking about harmony in my life I'd like to meet a tall, intelligent, successful and kind man who prefes a warm, witty and sociable woman. My heart is open for a man who really needs warmth and love. I do love men who can cook - I am finding it very attractive and sexy)

Value in a man

Matureness, responsibility, professional success, kindness, calmness, honesty, optimism

Relationship with parents

I love my parents endlessly

True love means to me

mutual understanding, respect, and acceptance.

Infidelity how I describe

Loss of respect

Goals in life

Apart from meeting the one and only man, I want to always keep an inner child in me interested in life and curious about things :)

How I describe satisfaction in life

It is when you have somebody to share your life with

How I describe moral principles

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

How I describe the importance of friends

I love my friends.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is the foundation of love

How I describe myself

Open, sincere emotional, caring, loving. I do my best to give maximum care and warmth to my close person. To get new knowledge is also important for me. It would be great to discover something new together. Travelling is my another passion.My golden dream -to go to Provance, especially Aix-en-Provence, cause I do love Cezanne and want to see places he lived and charming spirit of old France.Also I am very fond of old Europe art, and would like to see Florence and Venice very much. Europe is always my inspiration. And, of course, simple, but important joys of life – meeting with friends, picnic, cinema, calm evenings with candles. Open, sincere, caring, loving, honest, tolerant. I appreciate honesty very much, you can trust me, I always tell the truth. I do my best to give maximum care and warmth to my partner. Learning new things is also important for me. I am curious about this world. It would be great to discover something new together and make each other happy.


Most of all I like reading. It’s can be classical literature, non-fiction and journalistic literature, memoirs. Also I am very fond of art, that’s why I like to attend museums, exhibitions, galleries. I never feel boring. I always can invent something to do, and will involve my partner, to enjoy every minute of our life together.