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Perfect man description

I would like to meet a caring and attentive man. My ideal partner should be open, kind, and family-oriented. I want to be with a man who can share his experiences with me, be communicative, honest, attractive, and confident. I value hardworking, intelligent men who also have a good sense of humor. It is also a plus if my future partner has a good taste and likes wearing stylish clothes. Another good thing is that we share preferences in sports. All in all, it is important to me to be with a man who leads a healthy lifestyle.

Value in a man

Kindness, desire to create a family, intelligence, honesty, self-confidence, good sense of humor, openness to new experiences, healthy lifestyle

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

Doing good and crazy things together :)

Infidelity how I describe

Loss of respect

Goals in life

My goal is to enjoy life with the man I love

How I describe satisfaction in life

It is an ability to share all your life experiences with your life partner

How I describe moral principles

I am a woman of common family values.

How I describe the importance of friends

My friends make me a better person by being in my life

How I describe what trust to me is

I want to trust my future partner as much as I trust myself. I am generally open but more conservative with people I do not know well.

How I describe myself

I am kind, caring, smart, well-behaved, and tender woman. I am also faithful as I am always ready to help my relatives and friends when they need me. I am hardworking and persistent. If I do not know how to do something, I will ask and learn. I value coziness, logic, and beauty in all things and issues. Around my loved ones, I am cheerful, happy, and always smiling. I will never blend into the crowd, that is why I express my personality through my external look such as through clothes, hairstyle, manicure, and accessories. I want people I meet to remember me as an interesting, smiling, and pleasant person. I like to dream and hope for things I want.


I like reading. I love Hugo and modern literature. I read a lot and do it always. I spend a lot of time upon the road: this is the ideal time to read and listen to music. Music is always around me: when I work, go in for sports, when I am dreaming, when I am involved with the domestic cores. There should be music always around. I wake up with the music. I love to attend concerts. I like to go to the cinema and theater. I am fond of sports as it is an important part of my life. Physical activities help me to be healthy, positive, motivated, and respect myself more. I adore sea! It is my categorical admiration of nature.


fitness and weightlifting, really love it !