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I miss the most important thing, love. It is first time that I'm alone in my life. But I don't like modern ladies mentality, only based on carrier and independence, without any interests for family. I am missing the man who can provide a delicious and sublime universe that we will enjoy every day. He must love to travel and to experience something new. He must have an inner king, whom I will watch and care, and he must be able to tolerate a woman who is making efforts to create life of love, friendship, complicity and respect. I am a very open-minded and I am looking for a very open-minded man. I want a man that accepts me as I am and wants the same active lifestyle I want. Faithfulness, patience, love, the desire to have a family -this is what always attracted me in men. I hate when somebody lies because that's mean "no respect" and without respect there is no love! I know that my future husband is somewhere on this planet. I believe that I was born for have a soulmate, so we will be big friends living together in perfect order and harmony in a perfect home

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It appeares to be not easy to describe yourself. After all, only those who know you well and with whom you spend some time can say exactly who you are. So my friends and close people say that I am cheerful, kind, like to create coziness, like to invite guests and cook for them, I like to walk with my dog. I am a person of fun, I have a cool head, I am 100% reliable. I work hard and have my own business. I am well travelled, well-educated, well-read, sensitive, laugh loving, a little naughty at times, loving, caring and generally a nice person with a good heart. I am a romantic, but also a realist. I would like to have a beautiful baby from my beloved and create a wonderful family. I know that I will become a very good mother! I love kids very much. If you're looking for love and respect, I will wait for you behind the door of my heart. Find me.


Languages, reading, cooking


Running, swimming, gym