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I will create a world of "We" in our hearts and home, so that my man would hurry home and count minutes until we meet again. I will surround him with support and love, respect and tenderness that only my loving heart could give to a man. I'm here with an open heart and readiness to build our own paradise. My search is one hundred per cent sincere - no games or casual "romantics". I am seeking true and faithful married love, both to give and to receive, so that we can live together in harmony and peace in a warm, loving closely united family and give each other much happiness and joy. I truly believe that marriage is not just romance and passion, though this is very important too, but above all a friendship, and ideal, a union of minds and hearts sharing the same values and the most important and beautiful things in life. The home should be like an oasis of warmth and welcoming love in the midst of an often cold, indifferent and even cruel World. That's the kind of home I am used to and would like to have.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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How I describe myself

Life is amazing gift and happiness double when you share it with someone special! I'm here to meet my very special person, my inspiration, my strong shoulder and passion. I'm a one-man-woman and I expect only the same attitude from my man! I am cheerful and lively. I am affectionate and passionate. The family is my priority and that is why I'm here. I do not like games and lies, I am honest and open. Can I trust you and be who I am in our communication? I'm a happy mother of 2 kids and I give them a lot of love so when they grow up they will fill this world with same attitude to people. I am a woman who will try almost anything once. I feel my diversity and different interests are a strong point. I achieved a lot in my life and I need a confident man next to me who knows how to treat real lady!


Music, art, traveling, theater, interior designing, shopping


Tennis, gym, swimming