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Perfect man description

I dream to meet a happy person, the owner of his life, favorite profession, time and income. He should be psychologically flexible and internally free person whose inner energy is at a high level. He should be able to convert his and others negative emotions into a creative channel. His strong sides and the means to achieve benefits should include intellect, leadership skills, wisdom, experience, diplomacy, self-confidence, generosity, positivity, responsibility and self-discipline. I hope that he will be free in finance like me, money is not an issue, money is easy solutions to any questions, the embodiment of our dreams, the keys to interesting life opportunities. But the most of all I hope that he will be rich spiritually. I hope he will like that my language of love is beautiful gifts and loving touches. I need to see near ma a calm, thoughtful, balanced and attentive personality who I will admire in every aspect. If this man is you, don’t be silent, make a first step and let us be happy!

Value in a man

happy with his life and career, flexible, psychologically stable, intelligent, wise and able to love with his heart one woman

Relationship with parents

close and friendly relations

True love means to me

loyalty, support, understanding

Infidelity how I describe

any intimacy with another woman, when a man makes something or someone else more prior than me and our family

Goals in life

have happy family , pure love, shape all happy experiences with a beloved man

How I describe satisfaction in life

happy family, feeling of love to your husband, stable life, traveling, trying new things

How I describe moral principles

it is something you get from the family and background

How I describe the importance of friends

we need social life and of course it is important to have few close friends who you trust and feel comfortable with

How I describe what trust to me is

very important, trust is something you lose once and never can get it back

How I describe myself

Art – this word is me, I am so inventive, inspired, smiling, cheerful, charismatic and open hearted woman who doesn’t waste any moment of her life and make it to be unforgettable. People say that I am like from another planet, I am sensitive and tender inside, but I still have so much energy to create. If you ask what I do, it will take a lot of time to count, as I am an artist, photographer, muse and a lot of other stuff. I have many dreams and they always come true, during the last time I want to become a pilot, to swim with blue wales, create my own movie, make photosets with some famous actresses, but the most of all I dream to meet my soulmate and give birth to two amazing children. My lifestyle is really super intensive; I adore sport, travelling to new countries, reading professional literature and meeting my friends arranging interesting quests for them. I easily cope with everything, as I love everything I do and now I am ready to dedicate myself to family. I dream that future life with my beloved will be like an interesting game with pleasant surprises, endless passion and pure feelings. Would you like to be this lucky man?


Loving Life