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Perfect man description

I have had enough life experience, it wasn’t always good, but at least now I surely know which kind of man I want to spend the rest of my life with. The first of all I should always be on the first place for him, no matter what happens he should be dedicated to his second half and want to do everything to see my smile all the time. I imagine him to be charismatic, self-confident, intelligent, balanced, honest and of course with a sense of humor. He should be successful, but still have many goals in life, be able to make decisions and be responsible for his family. Also it is very important for me if he is ready to treat my son as his own, because I believe that if man truly loves his wife he will also love every part of her and will respect her past. I am a giver, I am ready to make everything for my man’s comfort and joy, but I want surely get the same in return. If you are ready to give it to me you even cannot imagine which jackpot is waiting for you!

Value in a man

not verbose, charismatic, self-confident, literate, balanced, with a sense of humor and goals in life, who can make decisions and be responsible for his woman and his family, who love children

Relationship with parents

good relationship

True love means to me

to understand each other, to be valued and to trust ewch other

Infidelity how I describe


Goals in life

to have a strong family and loyal partner and follow my career development

How I describe satisfaction in life


How I describe moral principles

Things that make us who we are

How I describe the importance of friends

Everyone needs a friend

How I describe what trust to me is

When yoiu know you can rely on a person in any situation

How I describe myself

In our days women’s role in society has changed a lot and some of them forget about their real nature and appointment in life. Lady should be tender, kind hearted, a real muse and inspiration for her man, and I am proud that I feel in this way. I am self-sufficient, but sensitive, strong, but vulnerable, build my own career, but never forget about family values. I love home comfort, take care of all people who are close to me, like to make surprises for them, arrange cozy tasty suppers and always give my help when it is needed. I am able to make decisions and defend my point of view, but I never impose my opinion on others. It is always easier to agree and bring to the right decision calmly and without obstinacy. I love my life and everything what I have, I am so happy person who has favorite job, the best son and many cool interests which include engaging in public activities, going into sport, travelling, watching romantic movies, cooking and reading. I always try always to act in conscience and honor. My reputation is very important for me, I dream my future husband and my children to be proud of me and feel that I am needed and irreplaceable. Can you imagine future with such kind of woman? If yes then I don’t believe in coincidence, so probably it’s destiny that you read these lines now! Don’t lose your chance.