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Perfect man description

I am looking for a man who can provoke only the best qualities in me, he should make me better every day and at the same time he should love all in me. It is difficult to be happy in relation when your partner insincere with you, so I wish to meet an honest man who doesn’t afraid to tell me the truth. I want my man be sweet and playful with kids and one day he is going to make a great dad! I appreciate people who are thoughtful, I want to be in the center of your universe! I want to be your air, your sun, your LOVE! I am sure you will genuinely be different from the rest, because you are mine!

Value in a man

he should be pen, a good dad, husband, active, attentive, serious, promising

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

Happy Family

Infidelity how I describe

betrayal, of which speech can not be. Change can not be forgiven.

Goals in life

to create a happy family, to develop, to travel, to visit the USA and get the second education

How I describe satisfaction in life


How I describe moral principles

honesty, reliability, do everything in the spirit of love, respect, being open, respect the opinion of another, fidelity, patience, calmness (balance)

How I describe the importance of friends

friends should be friends with families

How I describe what trust to me is

trust each other for 100%

How I describe myself

Likes to travel. Now he lives in the USA. Travels to America, until September. She wants to stay there. The priority city is Los Angeles. That's why she is looking for a man outside the territory of Ukraine


travellimg, poetry