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Perfect man description

For me, appearance is absolutely not important. In my understanding, a man should be reliable and responsible. At the same time, do not be wordy: I do not like talkative ones, his eyes should speak about everything. A man must be a man inside, do the appropriate things, be able to put up his strong shoulder in time and never give in to difficulties, at least so that no one sees it. He should be noble, educated, caring and able to create an aura of calmness and security around a woman. So that it was pleasant and easy to communicate with him, and he could listen, give practical advice, and not live a separate life, appearing at home only to sleep and eat.

How I describe myself

A woman is like candy - attracts with a wrapper, but fascinates with a filling. Yes, I am a bright and spectacular lady. I always look good and I do not suffer from lack of attention. I combine many facets in myself. If I need - I am a practical housewife (by the way, I cook divinely), if I need - I am an active business woman. If I need - I am incredibly sexy and seductive, but if I need - I can be a cold, impenetrable and impartial woman. But most importantly, I am natural, in my desires, in my instincts, in my wisdom. I am strong, able to be weak with someone who deserves to see my weakness. In a relationship with a man, I am a kind, gentle and understanding woman. I know how to take care of my man. I am one of those women who are constantly improving themselves in the area that interests her. I am constantly and regularly studying, expanding the range of my capabilities and abilities. I enjoy spending time with my children, relaxing in nature and actively spending my holidays. I am always tempted to try myself in something new, I love extreme.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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Swimming, cooking, outdoor activities.


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