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Perfect man description

Every woman dreams of being happy…. What is female happiness for me? The answer is unambiguous: healthy parents, a happy daughter and a beloved and loving man next to me. What is this man for me like? Reliable, open, accomplished, appreciating a woman and care her, always ready to understand and support her, and most importantly, to love and respect, to give care, tenderness and affection, to accept her for who she is. He should surprise and delight a loved one, to give gifts each other just like that, for no reason, respect the interests of his soul mate, lead a healthy lifestyle, ready to travel, go to the cinema, theater, concerts, just enjoy life. Be financially stable.

How I describe myself

I am a Woman who really want to give my man warmth, care, comfort, to be near in joy and in sadness. Family life is a huge daily work of two, based on patience, respect, wisdom and the realization that you want to be close to this person, which means that you can find a compromise in controversial situations. A man and a woman, walking through life, should look in the same direction, albeit a little differently, but in the same direction. Waking up in the morning, talk about how wonderful it is to see a loved one next to you, without a reason to hug each other and give warmth of the soul, and walk through life together, overcoming all adversity and rejoice in every minute spent together. After all, life is so fleeting and so want to be happy !!!!

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True love means to me

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It all depends on the mood: sometimes watching your favorite movies while lying in bed, drinking aromatic coffee and just relaxing, or just walking in the park, enjoying the singing of birds, inhaling the aromas of flowers, feeling like a small part of the Universe; and at the same time, I love active rest: discover new corners of the world, cities, countries, travel, learn new things.


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