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I am looking for a mature, harmonious relationship. I want to give my family tenderness, love and care. In any situations, I consider the main thing to talk, hear each other and find a compromise. In a man, I consider three qualities important: non-infantility, responsibility, self-sufficiency. I like men who show initiative and care. I hate aggression.

How I describe myself

I am a woman of mystery. I can be both serious and playful ... I know my worth, and at the same time, I am a very kind and understanding woman. Yes, I will not hide, I am outwardly bright, I walk through life with a firm gait, but in my heart I am vulnerable, like a little girl. I am romantic, but I always know what to strive for. I am honest and without hypocrisy, self-sufficient woman. I love life, I enjoy every moment of it. Everything I do, I do it with soul and love. You can meet me in the park by bike or with a book in my hands. You will recognize me gradually, because I am like a French perfume - it does not open immediately, but step by step ... each time with a new wave of words, feelings, emotions ...

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Nature walks, reading, art, bicycle


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