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I am looking for reliability, romance, purposefulness, determination, masculinity, a sense of humor in a man. It is also very important for me that we have similar interests, outlook on life and on a common future.

How I describe myself

I consider myself a happy woman. I have the best son, favorite job, and real friends. I am sweet, smiling and kind. I like children very much. My friends say that I am purposeful, honest, responsive, caring. Although I look much younger than my age in my passport, I have always preferred to communicate with smart, and more often with older people. I can always talk about something and learn something with them. I have never used people for my own gain. Due to my busy work schedule and my son's daily workouts, I had little free time for my personal life. But I have always taken my family seriously. I would like to meet a purposeful man who will have similar interests and common plans for the future. A man who, like me, wants his own home, in which a happy family will live, no matter how trite it may sound. And I know that it will come true, just need to wait a little longer ...

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Pole dance contemporary, traveling, reading, cinema, sports, learning English.


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