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Perfect man description

Describing my dream man, I am more interested in his personality than his appearance. Of course, he must be an attractive and pleasant person. He also must have a strong character, a desire to achieve his goals, a kind heart and a great sense of humor. He must be educated and financially secure. After all, it is foolish to say that money is not happiness. Life dictates its own rules to us and without money we are nobody and nothing. Well, I will finish my list of my perfect man with such quality as good manners. I hope I'm not asking too much...

How I describe myself

Life cannot be taken too seriously, without irony and, most importantly, self-irony. We are all actors in the theater of life, as Shakespeare said. Therefore, I always take a calm attitude to life, to its surprises, sometimes unpleasant, and I do everything without strain, haste and panic, and of course I try to enjoy everything. I am calm, conflict-free, sorting out the relationship is not for me. I accept people as they are. I can be an interesting conversationalist, a good friend and a wonderful wife :) I like dancing, playing volleyball, traveling a lot and trying the cuisines of different countries.

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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