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Perfect man description

My man should have such qualities as sincerity, kindness, loyalty, care and generosity. Yes, I know that this is all banal and unoriginal, but these are necessary attributes of a happy love and a strong family. I don't like it when a man embellishes. Over time, everything will become known, and trust will be undermined. Also, my ideal man for me is a strong shoulder, support, confidence in the future. I always want to feel support in this world, together it is easier to go through any difficulties. And most importantly, he must love and respect his woman and take care of his family.

How I describe myself

Speaking about myself, I am romantic, open, gentle, loyal and with a good sense of humor. I am always in a positive mood and it is very difficult to spoil my mood :)) But if this suddenly happens, then I try to get out into the forest, or go to the sea or just take a walk in my beautiful city. This allows me to calm down and put my thoughts in order, and new ideas, new thoughts, new insights come into my head. I am a doctor by profession, but at heart I am an artist. I can not only paint the canvas, but magically paint my world and the world for others. I am looking for a stable, serious relationship without betrayal and falsehood.

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Sports, yoga, walking, drawing, cooking


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