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To love, to love deeply means to find your place in the world, your home, for the first time in your life. It means knowing that you are exactly where you need to be and that you don't need anywhere else. If you look into his eyes and see the reflection of your soul, then you are at home. I want to see in the eyes of my man care, love, understanding, and confidence in the future.

How I describe myself

A life filled with passion is worth living. It is the most coveted pathogen in the world. But living a passionate life alone is simply impossible. That is why I am here. I love to have fun, laugh, and make my life live with bright colors. I can enjoy little things like the sunset, the sound of the sea, or a little cute puppy. I am romantic and a man can find the key to my heart only through romance. In life I am active, it is difficult for me to do nothing... I raise my mood by dancing, cycling, or an interesting book. I would like my future man to share my interests and be also positive, easy-going and ready for any adventure with me... and many adventures I can guarantee him!

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Literature, sports, travel, dancing


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