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I want to find a serious young man with a strong character, who is confident in himself, knows how to appreciate, respect, and love a woman. The one who is able to turn the most ordinary day into a holiday. Having met my special man, I would like to create such a relationship in order to always understand each other without words, to live in harmony and in love.

How I describe myself

As Oscar Wilde said: "A woman was created in order to love her, not to understand her." I think his words speak about me. I am kind, sincere, cheerful, feminine, and soft. But only those who can feel me can understand me. In any difficult life situation, I remain an optimist. I believe in people. I believe that I will meet a worthy person who needs love and support. I am an excellent cook, I approach everything creatively, I like to organize my day in an interesting and fun way. I can talk about football, fishing or other things men are interested in because I prefer to share my man's interests than spend time shopping. But it is also very important for me that my partner accepts my hobbies: drawing, canoeing, camping, cinema, and books.

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