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I want to meet a self-sufficient man who will be kind and caring, who prefers a healthy lifestyle, with diverse interests, who loves traveling and knows how to enjoy life and with the desire to share this joy and his love with me.

How I describe myself

There are women from whom a very bright and warm light always comes, who always smile, and sometimes it seems that in such people there is not a bit of negativity. This can definitely be said about me. I can say that I am a sincere person, and I like it when people with me are also sincere. I am a faithful and caring woman, I am very loyal to those whom I love and the concept of jealousy has never been known to me. Despite many difficult moments in my life, I always remain a cheerful, smiling and bright woman who is ready to give her love and energy to the people around her. I am a sociable person, I like to laugh and spend time interestingly. My hobby is dancing and singing. I like Latin and Arabic music,I can dance belly dancing. I also like to learn foreign languages. I am currently learning English and Polish. Also I like to travel, try different dishes of the world, learn new cultures, I am always open to new things. I love the sea and just beautiful landscapes. And in general, I always try to see only beauty in everything around me.

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