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Perfect man description

My man is primarily a generator in our relationship. I want to feel myself next to him like a weak and beautiful woman, not deprived of attention and love from him. We must be on the same wavelength, live in the same rhythm, have common interests, like sports, music, travel, understanding in everyday life. He should be charismatic, intelligent, with a sense of humor and most importantly able to keep that level of prosperity, which is necessary for a normal and comfortable life.

How I describe myself

I'm fun, attractive, active, and charismatic. Life is beautiful and I enjoy every minute of it. I love to try everything new and I am always ready to change my life for the better. I am romantic and easy to communicate, I am a great experimenter in cooking, so my man will never be hungry :) I like spending time in nature, talking with horses, walking with my dog, reading a lot and singing. I believe in fate and think that our happiness lies in our hands.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

How I describe moral principles

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