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My ideal man is a man with simple fundamental qualities. Of course, self-confident, responsible, intelligent and with a sense of humor, respecting himself and others, a man who is looking for a woman, not for a mom or someone for decorating himself.

How I describe myself

I am Ukrainian, but I have been living in Warsaw in Poland for many years. I am a psychotherapist and mother of a beautiful daughter. Due to my profession, I communicate with many different people every day who open their souls to me, and I help them find themselves and live the full every moment. I enjoy my work a lot. I really love sports, yoga, I love to cook, I love travel, I love to read and watch movies. Sometimes I like to risk - I want to jump with a parachute. To be honest, I am very afraid of heights, but I want to overcome this fear and to do it with my man. Actually, I am a very calm person. I like to feel harmony of soul, I like to wake up early in the morning, have a cup of coffee, read a book and enjoy the silence.

Value in a man

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