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Perfect man description

Who I want to find? A man who has MIND in his eyes, MEANING in words, and RESPECT for a woman in actions! A man who really loves, will never give up, never leave me, and never betray. Who always raises me in the eyes of others, and only in private will indicate errors. He will strive to be better tomorrow than today, because I deserve the best. And for the sake of such a man, I can and should be perfect: to love, respect, value and trust, and tomorrow to be better than now, because WORTHY is worth it!

How I describe myself

I think that you have never met such great optimists like me. I believe that life was given to us for joy and we should enjoy every day. I can’t understand my life without adventures, travels, walks on the seashore or in the mountains. I like to enjoy a coffee in a cozy cafe with my friends. I am very welcoming and my doors are always open for good guests. I always work on myself, both physically and intellectually. I can say that I am a self-sufficient woman and therefore I am looking for the same man.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

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