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I can describe for a long time what character traits I want to see in my beloved but I understand that true love can be quite the opposite of your description. The main thing for me is that he will be open to communication, cheerful and kind. To be responsible for his words and that the family for him was not an empty sound. And probably the most important thing that I will be calm and happy with him.

How I describe myself

Everyone during the life searches the half with which could pass the way in love, harmony and trust. The heart is always hoping that someday it comes a time when you meet the one who will love you with all his soul, will understand you and shares your interests and views on life, will be your support in difficult moments, and also share good moments. I think that the first love can be found at 16 and at 52. I am open to communication, cheerful and positive. I would be very happy if my man could share my hobby with me. I am a designer by profession. I'm a creative person and it took precedence over my other abilities. I like to make products with my own hands. I really love my work! I hope that fate will smile to me and I will find my half in this huge world. Together, we will create our small, cozy world in which there will be reign love, trust, mutual help and respect for each other.

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I have three passions in my life .... design of a dress, Latin-American dances and traveling. When I want to relax and be in silence, I read or watch a good detective story.


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