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I would like my future elect to be a real man! Next to which I could be as a little girl. For me, charisma plays an important role. Possession of charisma is the highlight that makes communication with a person enjoyable and interesting. Especially with a man. Also important is purposefulness. A motivated man always knows exactly what your family needs and is able to find the best ways to achieve your joint goals.

How I describe myself

A woman should be loved, beautiful and happy. She needs nothing more :) I am Svetlana and my name means "bright". My friends say that I radiate heat and light. I am charismatic, cheerful, punctual and purposeful. From birth, I dreamed of becoming a business lady and I realized my dream :) I consider myself a happy woman, but I also want to feel like a beloved woman.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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How I describe satisfaction in life

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Music is a beautiful art that was created specifically to give people joy. That is why I love to sing. I do it everywhere at home, at the job, on the street. I have a lot of favorite songs that I can hum! I also like walking. Walking gives a feeling of relaxation and a pleasant tingling in the muscles. Step by step, we air the head, free it from obsessive thoughts and fill the mind with new impressions.For me, this is the best rest.


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