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Next to me, I see a man who wants to be loved. I do not care about your profession or your financial situation, I appreciate in people hardness of mind, pure thoughts and sincerity. I agree and respect, if you are a worthy and real person, if you are ready to preserve my tender heart, if you can appreciate family values. I am, of those women who consider their husband to be the head of the family and, in turn, I want to be the keeper of the family hearth.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

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How I describe myself

My name is Marina. My name in Latin means sea. In me, the energy of the sea is boiling, sometimes it storms, sometimes it is in a state of calm. I am strong and single-minded, like a wave. Affectionate and gentle, with a kind heart and a touching soul. I'm here, only for a serious relationship! If you are a serious person - PLEASE, steal my heart and take me away from here! I so missed for embrace, tenderness and affection! I am ready to give my heart, soul and body. If you are ready to take all this, to keep and cherish - write to me IMMEDIATELY! I am waiting... " I would be like a bird in the sky, spreading its wings, beyond the sea far ... I would love, like a child loves an adult - sincerely and openly ..."


I am a woman with an active lifestyle. I love sports, swimming, cycling, traveling, outdoor activities. I like to dance, read and listen to music. I love cleanliness and order, my house is my fortress, with a cup of plenty, full of light and fun.


Swimming, cycling