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My man is the one sent to me by God. I am sure that our couple will be created in heaven. He will appreciate with dignity how long I waited for him.

How I describe myself

Maybe it will scare you away, but I am not an ordinary woman. I am like a clean sheet, have not yet been burdened with a baggage of relationships, breaks, children — all those that people of my age have experienced. The fact is that I have never had a relationship with a man, and about those that you thought too! (If here I could put a smile - it would be a sign of embarrassment). Of course, you now have a one question "why?", but I diceded to tell you this personally. Therefore, I can say about myself - that I am a woman of one man. I dream to devote myself to my family, my man and my God.

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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Since I live outside the city, of course I love nature and animals very much. I love to run in the morning, especially when the whole world is still asleep. Like any woman, I can and I love to cook. I am a good experimenter, and I know not only Ukrainian cuisine. And this experimenter lacks a deguster:))))) I also have a very big beautiful garden. After the routine work, only there I have a soul rest, caring for each flower.


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