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Perfect man description

He is in charge, decides everything, but respects his loved ones. He is a Mentor for me, because he is smart and decisive, loves life. He loves to give me compliments and gifts, because a happy woman is order and harmony in the family. He is interested in my interests, work and is ready to help me to develop. I also inspire him to great achievements. My female energy is a delight for him, like charging to new heights. He loves animals and children. He worships me as a woman and respects me, and I reciprocate.

How I describe myself

I am beautiful, elegant in manners and communication, I love cleanliness and aesthetics, active life and I really like it. I can also say about myself that I am brave, decisive, I always know what I want, I am kind and sociable. I love to study and discover something new, I am very fond of psychology. In my free time I like to watch movies, listen to music, play sports. I love Cooking and always find free time to cook something delicious. I dream of a big friendly family where everyone respects each other. My man is the main one, and I'm just beautiful next to him, but at the same time self-sufficient. My husband is successful, reliable, he is my rear and support. I am inspiration for him. We are joy for each other. My husband earns good money, which means he is endowed with the qualities of a strong real man

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True love means to me

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Sports, psychology, cosmetology, cooking, travelling



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