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I am interested in a man who is not lazy, purposeful, educated and restrained, sees his goal and goes to it, looking for ways to achieve it. I believe that perfect men do not exist, but .... responsibility, generosity, kindness, and reliability .... I think this will be enough to get the key to my heart.

How I describe myself

The vast majority of people, no matter how different we are, are united by one thing - the desire to love and be loved, regardless of gender, age, nationality, political views. I am here to meet a real love and experience female happiness again. I know it's never too late to love. Yes, I am a romantic and gentle woman and I still believe in miracles. Regardless of this, I know what I want and how I achieve it, I am purposeful and hardworking. I am also sociable and cheerful, I like to spend time funny and useful. I love sports, swimming, zumba and yoga. But most of all I love to cook, any cuisine in the world. I am in the kitchen as an artist who paints a new picture. I always give my dishes something unusual, some kind of zest. I enjoy cooking for my loved ones and my family. And I would love to cook for my man. I like to take care of my loved ones and give myself without a remainder.

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Zumba, yoga, swimming, dancing, cooking, traveling


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