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Perfect man description

I am interested in a man who quickly responds to requests and is always ready to help me. He is willing to invest in his family and his wife, and he should also be cultured, polite, non-conflicting (especially in public), who is willing to forgive and compromise. He should also have a sense of humor. He is a man who loves an active lifestyle and loves sports. I see our family life as happy, stable, cheerful and with many travels. We do not stand still, it is always interesting and easy for us to be together, even to be silent is also nice sometime :) Tenderness and support are our companions of family life. I have a motto that I heard in the song: "Think about good things, talk about good things, and love and believe and be happy ..." - when we meet, I can continue this song :)

How I describe myself

I am an optimist, I love people and appreciate what I have, I am happy every day and I do not wait for the perfect moment. I myself find something to be happy about and how best to live today. Active rest and good music help me to recover. I am a woman who is not afraid of difficulties, I am honest, open, adventurous and risky. Sometimes I do and then I think what I did, but my intuition never fails me. I think it's better to do it than not to do it and then regret it all my life. Also, I am tidy, love cleanliness and comfort everywhere. There is a drop of selfishness in me :). I do not like bright makeup, but I prefer comfortable, modern and stylish images. I love naturalness! I am a very active person and I have many hobbies. I love swimming, I play badminton and tennis well, I attend zumba and I dance excellently. I also enjoy writing poetry and solve crossword puzzles. I would really like my man to accept my hobbies.

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Solve crosswords, badminton, tennis, hiking, zumba, swimming


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