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Of course, I want his interests to be close to mine. I can share almost all interests, except those related to height (I have fear). But I can’t say categorically. Of course, I hate drunkenness, rudeness, untidiness, excessive smoking. Probably like all women. And I would also very much like the person to be decisive, I would like to share decision-making with him, I am tired of being a strong woman and taking full responsibility. Again, this is the dream of many women for a man to be a “stone wall”. And, if I choose from the types of men: "father" or "son", of course, I would choose "father". He should be my support, best friend and mentor.

How I describe myself

You never know what awaits us in the future, who you will meet today and how your day will be, but I always believe in the best and meet every day with a smile. So, my name is Svetlana and I am from the small town of Chernigov. For my sons - I am a wonderful mother, for my friends - I am a reliable friend, and for my parents - I am a loving child. I grew up in a wonderful and full-fledged family where my father always took care of the well-being of his family, and my mother arranged the cosiness and comfort in the house. Therefore, care, love, loyalty and respect for each other are inherent in me. I am quite easy-going, optimistic, trusting, reliable and responsible person. I never stop believing in people and in miracles. I love reading, communicating with interesting people, traveling, learning something new, I love dancing. I'm active enough and sport is an important part of my life (volleyball, roller skating, yoga, swimming, hiking). I want to meet a man who I will understand and who will understand me. Hi is honest, reliable, kind and with a sense of humor. I want to be both a beloved woman and a friend for him.

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Volleyball, roller skating, yoga, swimming, hiking, meetings with my friends


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