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Perfect man description

I think my man will be a person in the one in whose eyes, I will look, and the thought “My” will flash on my head. A person who believes in me and believes in us as a couple! Cheerful, cute, attentive to me. And he perceives me as I am! And does not try to change me! I want my man to be primarily a defender and support!At the same time, he was romantic and gentle! Of course, it is very important that he be sincere and good-natured!

How I describe myself

When I came to the agency, I was asked to tell something about myself ... I did not want to be trite or embellish reality ... I always strive for self-improvement, “to be on the wave”, to be interesting, bright, conscious ... to be a PERSON. Yes, of course, I want to be a gentle domestic cat for my man. But I think that it is possible to combine the role of a woman and the role of an interesting interlocutor. I want to be a continuation of my man, I want him to be proud of me, and I was for him ... and a woman, friend, wife, What else can you say about yourself? I am a good-natured, not hypocritical person. I love to listen to my interlocutor. I love my city, nature, sea, communication with people! I really love life!

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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Goals in life

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I do not know ... maybe it can't call it a hobby! But my passion is a photo! I like to be a model on a photo!) I'm for experimenting! I love to dress in nice clothes, change poses, and look at the beautiful result! I always very happy when the photos are beautiful! In childhood, I wanted to become a model. But I chose another profession. Since I am a psychologist in kindergarten. I am interested in psychology! This is a very interesting science that has helped me many times in my life! ) Like all girls, I love traveling and discovering new countries for myself and meeting new people!


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