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Perfect man description

In my opinion, today and at all times, a real man has such qualities as responsibility, decency, the ability to act and a sense of humor. I am sure such a man can make any woman happy. He must have a strong character, not dependent on anyone, be self-sufficient and self-confident. He is the protector and breadwinner in our family. The proverb "behind a man, like behind a stone wall" does not lose its relevance. A woman wants to feel a sense of security next to her man and believe that he, like a true superman, can solve any problem. And the last quality is his kindness and generosity.

How I describe myself

The main role of a woman in the family is the keeper of the family hearth. ... Her duties include caring for children, cleaning up the house, creating a harmonious psychological environment in the family. This is how I see my future with my man. I want to devote myself to my husband and my family. To have more time for communication and education of our children, for travel and for spending romantic evenings with my husband. Since I am an athletic woman and love active rest, I often work out in the gym, I like shaping and swimming. I try to keep track of my figure and my diet. I also like to visit theaters and cinema, I love the arts, and to visit to various exhibitions. I'm here for a serious relationship, games are not for me.

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Shaping, swimming, travel, Russian bath, nature


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