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Perfect man description

My dream man is a kind, caring, respectful and loving person who dreams of children, family, and a big cozy home! He is not an authoritarian, purposeful, status man for whom family values are important. It is important for me that a man knows what he wants, be successful in his business, mature enough inside to create a family and relationships, ready to take responsibility. A good sense of humor and high sexual activity are also very important. My man should treat a woman with care and respect. It is important for me to constantly grow and so that the loved one is the same. I do not like routine, I like the variety in sensations, impressions, to learn something new, to try something together in this world. If you travel, then together. And finally, “A woman is a flower. And the man is a gardener. The gardener takes care of and grows the flower. The flower, in turn, thanks him, giving him its tenderness and beauty. The most caring gardener has the most beautiful flower "

How I describe myself

I often hear in my direction: - it's easy with her - she knows how to rejoice - she is energetic and harmonious - she needs a spouse, but she herself is not helpless - she is free from her own complexes and admires herself - she knows how to decorate life with herself and accept as a gift the energy that a person gives her. I also cook well, I love animals very much, I prefer an active lifestyle and I look at everything with optimism. And this is what helps me to enjoy life. I am a young and active lady, I know what I want from life and I am looking for the same man. I need a strong man, impeccably strong in every sense, and so that he has the only weakness that is me!

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Sports, cooking, traveling, walking in the park


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