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My future husband should be sincere, kind, polite, responsive to his wife, in his work - purposeful and responsible, active, always doing what he promised. Be an example for children. He must respect me and my opinion. His interests are the well-being and prosperity of his family. He must love to relax both with friends and alone with his wife. Be straightforward and say what he doesn't like. Likes to travel and spend his free time actively. A sincere person who wants to create a true family who would like to develop relationships, and not go with the flow.

How I describe myself

I am a sincere, cheerful, active, responsive woman with a good sense of humor. Also I am very vulnerable and kind. I like to travel and spend my free time actively. I love children. In people I value honesty, sense of humor, fairness and sincerity. In the future, I dream of a family with a son and two daughters. I am looking for a man who would love me and my son, understand and respect me. This understanding, calmness, respect and confidence in the future is very important for me in a relationship. I imagine my future family life in love, respect for each other, peace, sincerity and prosperity. It is very important to be friends with my husband and to understand each other and support in any situations.

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Fitness, travel, nature walks, cooking


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