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Perfect man description

My Ideal Man is a cheerful guy, with a good sense of humor, not a bore, not a homebody, who loves and knows how to cook, loves an active lifestyle, trip and travel. A man with a job and a profession. With a Hobby. With friends. With good relationships to family and relatives, he loves animals. Who loves and wants children. No extremes - he doesn't drink or smoke, who always rushes home to his family (we don't need a tyrant). So that his hobbies and religion are not at the expense of the family. A man who does not put a woman on his own level, who understands and accepts that each of us has our own mission on Earth. A man should be a man, that is, a protector and breadwinner in the family, and a woman should be a woman - to create coziness and comfort in the house, take care of children and meet her husband with a smile from work.

How I describe myself

The only person you should compare yourself to is you in the past! And the only person you should be better than is who you are now! Yes, there is nothing and no one perfect, including me, but I don't even strive for that. I believe that when a woman is in harmony with herself, this is perfection. I am just who I am ... cheerful, spontaneous, responsible, charismatic and understanding. I like drive and I enjoy ordinary people and things, and spontaneous travel. In a word, I try to enjoy every moment that fate gives me. But when I fall in love, I am completely different: soft, calm, romantic (I can cry because of "Titanic" :)) and caring. I love children very much and dream of becoming a mother one day.

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True love means to me

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Photographing, sports, walking in the park, meeting with friends, traveling


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