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I would like to create a wonderful love relationship and family with a person who will love me as much as I do. I deserve true love and in the near future I would like to meet a man without bad habits, with common interests. I want to feel protected, to be aware that he will understand me and will help in all my affairs and undertakings. He is financially secure and confident in himself, while he needs to have his own business, business acumen, he is generous and attentive, to give gifts and flowers. He is neat and sociable, so that he is an interesting conversationalist, with a good sense of humor in the circle of my friends and relatives. He must organize life in such a way that a woman never feels lonely. For me, it is also important in family relationships that he be compliant, not quick-tempered, he must be neat, gentleman, with a clear life position. In turn, I will give him my warmth and sincerity of feelings, protect the hearth and cherish everything that has been acquired over the long years of our life together. With this type of man, I would like to create a real, reliable family.

How I describe myself

I am decent, optimistic, I can find good sides in almost any situation, tactful, I respect the feelings and sensations of others, I know how to listen, good intuition, smart and beautiful, I strive to achieve many goals in life. I have many dreams that need to be realized, and I believe that the man who will be with me should help me in this, we must go hand in hand. One of my dreams is to live in a country with a good climate, where winters are not very cold, because I am thermophilic. I spend my free time actively, I love sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, I like different sports, I work out in the gym, I like to walk, I ski in winter, I relax in nature and when I have free time I swim in the pool. I live by the slogan "a healthy spirit in a healthy body. Shopping. Travel - I visit various cultural sites, museums, there is always a desire to visit a new country or city, I had to visit many countries. I am engaged in self-development, expanding the boundaries of the subconscious. I read books, I'm still interested in cosmetology and everything related to the face, I sell clothes online, which I enjoy. Of course, in the future I would like to have my favorite job and to work. You always need to expand your business. Now I rent a beauty salon, but with time I would like to open my own salon.

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Bicycle, gym, yoga, skiing, swimming pool, walking, reading.


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