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Appearance has never played an important role when it comes to my ideal man. I have other criteria by which I can tell whether this is my man or not. I want to meet a good and kind person. Loving, caring and considerate. On whom I can always rely, reliable with a strong character. A man of action, responsible for his words. A man whom I can trust and for whom, as well as for me, family and love will be the main priority in life. I would like our views on life, hobbies and interests to coincide, but his hobbies would also be interesting to me, because I am always interested in learning something new.

How I describe myself

Now is the time for global changes and romance in my life. My name is Olga and my most cherished dream is to fall in love and be happy. I was born in a large family and it seems to me that loneliness is not my element, I like always being in the circle of society. I am a very friendly and family lady. I am spontaneous and never plan something in advance, I think every day should start in the morning. I love driving and cars are my weakness. I try to fill every day with something interesting and useful. I like to spend time in nature, but not through barbecues, since I don't eat red meat. I just enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscapes. There are a lot of such places in Spain :) Usually on weekends I never sit at home, I think this is an activity for lazy and boring people. I love going to the movies with friends, walking in the park and eating ice cream, or traveling to another country or city. I am professionally engaged in swimming, it helps me to maintain a beautiful figure :) I love and respect nature, so I sort the garbage. From food, I like raw vegetables, fruits, seafood. I always follow my health, because there is a healthy mind in a healthy body!

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Read books, swimming, traveling, nature, formula 1, cooking


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