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Perfect man description

He should just be a man who needs a caring and loving wife. He must understand how strong a woman would not be, she always needs masculine strength and a shoulder. A man who does not create problems but solves them. A man who does not skimp and earns in the budget. A man who knows how to pamper a woman and get double pleasure from her. In general, he should be a gentleman. And always to be together in worries and joys and problems. And of course, mutual respect in a relationship.

How I describe myself

Perhaps my character is not entirely light. I am very demanding. Of course at the moment I'm demanding to myself because I try to give all the best as much as possible to my children. I can quickly flare up but also cool down faster, that is, I do not hold a grudge and will always find compromise. I will not pass by someone else's trouble and I am always ready help. I sympathize with other people's suffering. I am very kind. I am very serious about finding a man.I want to meet a man in spirit who will share my views on life. Who has similar values in life. I have a traditional view of the family in which the husband still takes the place of the head of the family. And of course the wife is a housewife. In both cases, marriage is not a prison and free space must be for spouses.In the sense that apart from family and work, there must be a vacation sometimes with friends. Partnership must be honest and open, always in the discussion of a particular topic, problem, make decisions together. Harmony and general positivity. Sincerity and trust. Not to redo something, but to accept and discuss everything. I would like to have a reliable rear and a strong shoulder of a mature man, with whom it will be calm and pleasant.

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