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My Man is active, smart, traveling a lot, loving theater, cinema. He understands Slavic culture and Slavic women, goes to dialogue, is responsible. Having a hobby that he can share with his woman. A man who has a stable life in which he lacks only a loving woman next to him. In a man, I can be repelled by his non-tolerance to the shortcomings of another, inability to communicate with a woman, narcissism, greed, pettiness, inability to compromise, secrecy, self-doubt.

How I describe myself

My name is Alexandra. I am smart, with a bright and strong character, not discouraged, able to overcome difficulties in life, open, able to share the interests of a man, educated. I was born and raised in a complete family, in the Moscow region, and until the age of 19 I lived in Russia. During my studies at the university, I went to study exchange in Paris, France. After France, I returned to Russia to continue my studies. Before finishing my studies in Russia, I met my future husband and got married. Our marriage lasted 6 and a half years. Unfortunately, my husband died 2 years ago from oncology, now I am a widow. But I do not give up hope to build my personal life again. I have an example of a happy international marriage. I believe that the main thing in marriage is the ability to listen and talk, as well as love and acceptance of your partner. The key to a good marriage is spending time together and hobbies together. I want to find a man with whom we would be on the same wavelength and who would understand me. I already had the experience of moving to another country and I understand how much depends on a man and on his help in adapting a woman to a new country. At the moment, my life is completely built in France, but I am not afraid of moving to another country. I would like to build a family with an intelligent, responsible and kind person who will adhere to the same life values as me. In the future, I would like to work for my own pleasure, and not for the sake of financial necessity, as well as engage in investments and passive income.

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Travel, stock exchange, architecture, theaters, exhibitions or cinema, city walks or mini trips.


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