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I`m looking for a nice, reliable man, who is honest and sincere. Who is slightly impulsive, with sence of humour, kindness and respect. Who takes life, world and other people as they are and who is able to get the best out of life. Who is mature enough and isn`t afraid to make serious steps in life. Who doesn`t play games and who dreams about real, wonderful family based on love and respect.

How I describe myself

Someone thinks that everyday vanity is life, real reality, and everything else is worthless illusions, wooling in the clouds, in a word - nonsense. But I think otherwise, I live by my rules! After all, life is, first of all, moments, moments when you experience feelings of joy, excitement, happiness. For the sake of such moments, and worth living. Yes, it can be considered something unearthly. But in general, what then are all these experiences, feelings that a person experiences? Sometimes I so want to live by some emotions, not doubting, but completely trusting one's feelings. We must live happily! In the world there are so many reasons to consider yourself unhappy all your life, and so, it would seem, is not enough to be happy. I really love to travel and I always enjoy this process. It never tires me. I dream of visiting India and seeing the temple of destinies. And also I want to conquer Everest and see all the beauty of the mountains from above. Recently, I began to get involved in Western astrology, it helps me a lot in communicating with people. And most importantly, in my free time I write a book.

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Swimming, fitness, museums, movies, travel, cooking, book writing, astrology


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