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In men, I am amazed, unambiguously, by a subtle sense of humor, as well as a positive attitude in life. Of course, a man should be a kind, loyal, and reliable friend, loving, caring and considerate. On whom I can always rely, reliable with a strong character. A man of action, responsible for his words. A man whom I can trust and for whom, as well as for me, family and love will be the main priority in life. I wish we had the same outlook on life.

How I describe myself

I am a calm and friendly woman. I don't like big and noisy companies. I am devoted to my family and I love my family very much. I am hospitable, economical. I do not have many friends, although I am sociable and interesting interlocutor. But if they are my friends, then we always help and support each other. In relationships, I love reliability and devotion and so it is very important to me that I can rely on my partner at any time. I like to feel when I am a woman, fragile, well-groomed, loved and happy. I often dilute my life with bright colors, travels and new emotions. I enjoy going on weekends with my family to nature or just to visit another city or beautiful places. I can also say that I am a creative person, I am fond of design, I am happy to make comfort and coziness in my house.

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Manicure, design, swimming, traveling, spending time with family in nature


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