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I want a caring man, next to whom I will truly feel like a real woman. After all, when a man takes care of his woman, this makes him happy as well. I need a person who will not just live with me, because it's time, age ... And a person who will love me, who will see my soul, my inner world. I love honesty, and I hate lies. I do not understand people who are married and cheating, so my man must be devoted to me. I am looking for love, big, mutual and eternal. His main interests are family, sports, environment, relationships, friends. His qualities: responsive, self-sufficient, responsible, honest, comprehensively developed, able to listen and help, with a sense of humor.

How I describe myself

Anything that doesn't happen is always for the best. Therefore, I am always optimistic and never give up. I am also a calm and hardworking woman. I traveled a lot and worked abroad. In my free time I like to embroider and listen to music. I love driving a car (I have 26 years of experience). I dream to see as many countries of the world as possible, to get to know their culture and customs. Regarding relationships, I am looking for a responsive, self-sufficient, responsible, honest person for the rest of our lives. I imagine that we live together in harmony and respect for each other, jointly solve problems, support each other in any situations.

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Cooking, listening to music, traveling, gardening.


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