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For me, the most important thing is a sense of security, a strong rear. When problems fall on you as if from a bag of holes, and there is no one nearby, it plunges into panic. But any problem can be solved when you know that you are not alone, that they will insure you, they will support you. Therefore, first of all, my man must be strong and confident in what he does. He should also be noble, decent, kind, with a sense of dignity and respect for others. With a sense of humor, an interesting conversationalist, independent. By nature, he must be a leader, intelligent, active, makes decisions quickly. Quite pragmatic, but knows how to be nostalgic and has a romantic and beautiful dream.

How I describe myself

At any time and at any age, a woman wants to be attractive, fit and slim. This gives an incentive to herself and her family. And any woman lives for the sake of the family, its tranquility, spiritual well-being, peace in the house. The woman is the soul of the family. A man is deeds. And the soul should be confident, beautiful and calm. I always try to be at my best, in any situation I know that there is always a way out, no matter how hard it is and I am looking only for the positive in life. I love sports, nature, dance and travel. I find my peace of mind in the family I dream of. I hope that soon I will be able to meet my man and create a happy and strong family with him.

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Dancing, nature, sports, travel, sea and mountains


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