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Perfect man description

For me, there is no specific set of qualities that a real man should correspond to. But a real man is someone who has certain qualities and behaves accordingly: honest, direct, not too vain or sensitive, generous, patient, sympathetic, ready to help and with a certain firmness towards himself. Men should not complain; they should accept the challenges of life with calmness and readiness. He must always put the interests of the family above his own interests. Men should be able to behave correctly and respect others, but at the same time not give themselves offense. In general, to be a real man, you need to remember the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling. Do not be petty and live in pleasure. A man who wants to have a family and try to do everything to create it, to be an example of a real man.

How I describe myself

I'm a woman to my toes. My main rule is to look perfect in any situation, no matter what stripe - black or white- now prevails in my life. As a real woman, I have the ability to give light and warmth, to show sincere concern for others, to share sorrows and hardships with them. I know how to support and how to care. Family values are very important to me. I am ready for a lot to keep my family happy. I am optimistic and patient, I have an inexhaustible source of optimism and vitality with which I can generously share with my loved one. As for my hobbies... I'll be brief ... I like cycling, walking in the park or outdoors and of course spending time with my son. But I am always ready to try something new and interesting, I dream of traveling with my man and discovering the world together.

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Reading, cycling, traveling, walking


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