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My type of men is a courageous, caring and generous man who has taken place in life as a person - to look at and admire him. He is kind, positive, energetic, successful, takes relationships seriously, is ready to take responsibility for the family. I'm not on my way with a greedy man, insecure, trying to realize himself at the expense of the girl.

How I describe myself

I know that real happiness is not beauty, and not even money .. happiness is when you are loved and loved with all your heart. I am Elena and here to meet my love, my soul mate. My character is calm, ambitious, I like to develop and move in front, I like to travel and spend my time actively. Personal growth and development is very important for me: I am sure that a woman should be erudite and diversified. A woman can combine everything: raising a child, hobbies, and at the same time remain the main incentive for her man. I am also by nature a very attentive, romantic and energetic person. I am interested in everything new, and every day for me is a small holiday, which we must definitely live productively and positively. I see a future family with my husband, life in a beautiful house with a blooming garden, possibly children and a dog.

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Drawing, traveling, meeting friends, going to theaters, playing sports


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