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I am interested in men who are constantly developing, regardless of age. A man should have a purpose that he lives by. He must have kindness, honesty, sincerity and male concern in everything and always. He must be confident, smart and interesting, and of course be cheerful and with a good outlook on life. He should not be petty, but live in pleasure. A person who wants to have a family and try to do everything to create it, to be an example of a real man.

How I describe myself

Everyone who knows me well, they can say that I am a kind, sympathetic, open person. But not everything is so simple :))) my character is complex, but I quickly cool down, I cannot take offense for more than 10 minutes. I am a very cheerful and active girl. I like attending psychological trainings, developing in business and learning new branches of my profession. On weekends I love to cook something special for my family and friends. I believe that a woman should always look beautiful and well-groomed, so yoga is another one of my hobbies. It allows me to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day at work. My dream is to have a happy and strong family, to have more children. I'm looking for a serious relationship here and I have no time for games. I want my husband to be calm, loyal, kind, sympathetic, without bad habits, to love me and accept my child. I want a strong family, so that love, respect for each other and mutual understanding reign, should hear each other.

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Yoga, cooking, traveling, reading books, attending various seminars and business trainings.


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