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I am looking for a true friend to begin with. For a person I can be myself with. Somebody to share my passion for life. A man who can be strong enough to show him my femininity… A person I can laugh with, I can go for endless walks with, who can be my best lover and who I can rely on and trust. I want to sit on a kitchen counter with you and talk about the universe.

How I describe myself

I am a very easygoing yet sophisticated woman. I have a passion for beauty and try to find it in every detail of my life. I enjoy quiet evenings with my family at home cooking, drinking wine and laughing as well as having parties at the seaside with my friends. I love the Mediterranean: the food, the environment, the smell of the fresh fish, little family run restaurants and narrow streets of Toscana are my favorite ???? I love being feminine however I have always been successful at my job. For the last 10 years I have been working in a hospitality industry running Hotels and this is where my heart is. I enjoy working with people, getting to know new people and making them happy. I have a wonderful and handsome 8-year-old son who is my true blessing. Although I am more of a friend to him, than a mother ???? And last but not least, I enjoy the company of smart men. Smart is new sexy in my opinion.

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Spa, hiking, visiting museums and operas, drawing


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