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I'm looking for a partner who will make me feel "like behind a stone wall". He must be responsible (psychologically and materially), a psychologically mature man, restrained in expression, gentle and caring with his family. With whom you can jump with a parachute, and sit in silence, looking at the stars under one blanket, that is, to be "on the same wave." I do not demand that he become "second father" for my son (for fatherhood is above all unconditional love), but he must become a friend and example of a real man who loves and does not hesitate to show it to his wife. In addition, his obligatory quality is love for cats.

How I describe myself

I am very open and friendly, but at the beginning I “give credit of trust”, therefore different people have different opinions about me:) With relatives and loved ones, I am gentle, kind, careful and faithful. In a relationship, the most valuable thing for me is the mutual acceptance of all “shortcomings” and total unconditional trust. I believe that in relationships people should not “merge into one whole”, but there should be a lot in common, in particular, views on the future, raising children, common emotions (both in the process of joint recreation and joint overcoming of difficulties). And the rest of the differences - mutual respect. I have the features of an introvert, but I can be quick-tempered.

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Walking, relaxing at home, travels - depending on the state of the soul and the needs of the body, needlework (at the moment - embroidery), dancing.


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