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I am looking for a responsible and caring man with whom we could spend time intensely (travelling, restaurants, cafes, theaters, exhibitions, etc.), for whom the family comes first. He must be an honest, open, self-sufficient, sincere, confident man, ready for a family. I want this person to love an active lifestyle, to be a great father to our children, to be a role model, I want him to love life and appreciate everything he has. And more importantly, I have to feel that this is my man.

How I describe myself

I am a young ambitious girl who is constantly engaged in self-development, so I can keep up the conversation on any topic. In addition, I am a responsible, caring, smart, sociable, family, purposeful girl. I love life in all its manifestations, I treat failures with ease. I try not to plan anything for a long time, but immediately make my dreams come true. I like to travel, but I prefer warm countries. In the future, I do not rule out changing my specialty to psychology in order to better understand myself and others. I always like to be on the move, and to spend time usefully. I like to study foreign languages, travel, read a lot, play computer games, visit museums, theaters and various exhibitions. Therefore, it is very important for me that my man is also active and all-developed. In general, the ideal relationship for me is caring for each other, understanding each other and always being there no matter what happens.

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True love means to me

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Learn foreign languages, travel, read, play games, visit museums, theaters and exhibitions


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