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I want to see in a man such traits as responsibility, courage, openness for communication, an interesting interlocutor who is ready for a serious relationship and creating a family. So that he knows how to think positively and look optimistically at life, who appreciates, loves and cherishes relationships. I need to be 200% sure with my man that he will always come to my aid, support me, solve all my problems and do it selflessly, because he loves me and is always ready to protect. A man who stays neutral or just sympathetic is not my man.

How I describe myself

Probably the most positive person like me you have never met :) I love life and people with a sense of humor. I appreciate every day, every hour and every minute, because life is given to us once and time flies so fast. I don't want to miss anything or not do something. I always try to think positively, make positive decisions, sometimes I even take risks, because whoever does not take risks does not drink champagne :) By the way, I have a negative attitude towards alcohol and smoking. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I have connected my life with the beauty industry, I am a certified specialist, I love to give beauty, a feeling of happiness and to see the face of grateful clients. I would really like to meet a man for a strong relationship, who has a positive outlook on life, an honest, responsible, interesting conversationalist who loves children and wants to start a family.

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Fitness, walk in nature, self-development, travel


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